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Cat-atonic is a fan made death for the 1000 Ways to Die series.


Jeff is an online film maker who hates cats with a passion. He would record cats on his video camera and scream derogatory insults and acts of pure aggression and violence, then upload them on his website, "CatsAreCancer.com". If the name of the webpage didn't make you want to sock him in the jaw, then his videos will.

Jeff's videos became more brutal and cringing to the point of making your lunch jump back in your throats. Until one day as he was abusing his black cat Midnight, it scratched his hand. Jeff was furious 'how dare he scratch my hand, I'm the king of the castle! Off with his head!'

As Jeff plans for payback against the furry rebel, he began to experience: a fever, headaches, poor appetite, and exhaustion. Later, Jeff's lymph nodes closest to the scratch on his hand became swollen, tender, and painful. But that didn't stop Jeff from making more of his abominable videos. But as he did so, he collapsed, and died from the infection.

"Jeff was a loud mouthed, egotistical, cat hatin' S.O.B. But in the end, Midnight punched in his death clock. And death stepped in, and scratched him out... Go to Hell, ya two-faced freak."


  • Jaclynn Robinson - Mental Health Expert
  • Dr. S.Thomas Carmichael(Neurologist)