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"Vermin-ated", Way To Die #505, is the fourth death featured in "Death Bites!", which aired on December 9, 2009.


A convicted robber named Mort was on the run. His latest felony, armed robbery, would put him in jail for good, if he was captured. The cops take a break, but Mort hides in a drainage pipe, because what better place for a human rat to hide out in? The cops gave up, with each one refusing to go in the pipe. Mort was not going to take any chances so he continued his crawl and the pipe kept getting smaller and smaller until he predictably got stuck. In a short amount of time, he went from surrendering to apologizing to crying. Day turned to night, and for the first time in his life, Mort was scared; make that terrified. Mort heard a sound so he lit his lighter to find out what it was. Mort saw some rats appear causing him to scream. Needing a way past Mort, the rats attacked him, ate through his eye, and right through his brain. Unfortunately, Vyshali Rao says that this is one of the most gruesome deaths imaginable. The next morning, Mort's face had skin ripped away, his eyeball destroyed and brain matter eaten away by the rats, sending this robber to the hell he deserves.

"Day turned to night, and for the first time in his life, Mr. Big and Scary was scared... make that terrified."

Cast & Interviewees

  • Dave Levine - Mort (lead: intended victim)
  • Jules Sylvester - Wild Animal Trainer/Wrangler
  • Dr. Vyshali Rao - Cardiologist


  • Also called "Mort's Bad Day" on the Spike TV website.
  • There was no recap at the end of the death.
  • This is one of two deaths that happened because of a rat, the other being Pissed Off.
  • In the German dub, the cops don't say, "I don't see anything, I ain't goin' in there," which may imply that they saw Mort go in there, but still refused to go in.
  • This is similar to the nutty putty caverns incident.


Crew or Equipment Visible: When the two police officers walk away from the drainage pipe, a crew member can be seen behind them on the left.

Segment Nicknames

  • Mort's Bad Day (Spike TV)
  • Was für ein Rattenfraß! (What a rat bug!) - German Dub

    Date and Location.

    Mort, crying as he surrenders after getting stuck.

    Mort's face, front and center.

    Mort, about to make a very stupid decision.