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Way to Die #364
"Wanted Instead"
Name of the death is a pun on the Bon Jovi song "wanted dead or alive"
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"For everyone else, happy hour goes on. As for Jack, it’s closing time."
Date January 29, 2009
Location Dougherty's Bar White Plains, New York
Episode this death
was featured in
"The Lighter Side of Death"
"Keester Sunday"
"Kung Pao Pow!!!"

1000 Ways To Die -364 Wanted Instead (German Version)

"Wanted instead", Way to Die #364 is the seventh Segment of "The Lighter Side of Death". It aired on March 1, 2009.


Jack, an alcoholic, wanted to talk to Jill in order to make out with her. He gets ready for a fight with her boyfriend Tim. Jack tried to intimidate him by smashing a bottle, but he cuts his hand open. He then turns into a laughing stock and runs away. After cleaning everything up, he goes back to start the fight again. Before he can attack, however, he falls to the ground and is dead. It turned out that a small piece of broken Glass entered the blood flow and went to his heart, where it caused internal bleeding and heart failure, sending the failed bar fighter straight to Hell.


  • Dr. Knyber Zaffarknan - Orthopedist
  • Jeffrey James Lippold - Jack (lead:intended victim)


Segment Nicknames

  • Crappy Hour

Foreign Names

  • la bière de la mort (the beer of death) - French dub
  • Gewollt statt gekonnt (Wanted instead of skillful) - German dub