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"Wedding Crasher", Way to Die #595, is the third death featured in "Tweets From the Dead", which aired on March 26, 2012.


A young woman named Carla proceeds to marry a much older and richer man named James. Carla's drunken ex-boyfriend Perry is also in attendance at the wedding, bitter that Carla is marrying someone else and not him. Once the priest asks if anyone objects to the marriage, Perry gets up and pleads to her not to marry James and flashes everyone (by tearing off all of his clothes) to show Carla what she's gonna miss out on while the other attendees watch. After mooning the priest, the priest orders the other attendees to catch Perry.

"Perry makes for what he thinks is an open doorway... and his ass is glassed."

What he thinks is an open doorway, was really a glass window, which cuts through his exposed flesh, slices his veins, severs his arteries, and pierces his heart. Thus causing near instantaneous exsanguination and death.

"May almighty God have mercy on your soul."


  • The dialogue "Carla said I do, and then Perry said...I'm done." was recycled from an earlier wedding themed death "Died-Zilla", which aired 16 episodes earlier, in which the narrator said "Katie's bath-salted heart said I don't, and Katie said I'm done."
  • This is one of the times where someone appears nude and dies that way.
  • This is another wedding themed "1000 Ways to Die."
  • The title of the death is similar to the movie with the same name.
  • This Death is Also Called “Feliz Navidead” On the spike website, which is a pun on "Feliz Navidad" and "Dead".
  • This death is similar to Handy's death in The Happy Tree friends Episode: "Shard At Work" . it's also similar to Lindsey's death in Polly Want To Crack Your Spine?, Disco Bear's death in Happy Tree Friends episodes "Mime to Five", and Heather's death in Cham-Pained.

Segment Nicknames

  • Feliz Navidead (Spike TV)

Foreign Names

  • El Revientabodas (The Weddingbreaker) - Latin American dub
  • Revientabodas (Wedding buster) - Spanish dub
  • Glück und Glas (Luck and Glass) - German dub
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