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"Well Chung", Way to Die #252, is the fifth death to be featured on "Tweets From the Dead", which aired on March 26, 2012.


Wang-Chung was a street-side con artist who worked as a marketeer, but not just any merchants... he was a black market merchant. Wang-Chung had a small street-side bazaar where you could buy anything from protected animal organs to illegal weapons. The fact that a criminal like this could sell illegal goods in public was astonishing. One day, while making a pirated DVD sale, he gets a tip that the FBI agent is coming after him... right now. Wang-Chung immediately closes his bazaar and hastily hides in his camp-trailer, where he hides illegal fireworks. sure enough, the FBI arrives and begins investigating his street-corner. An hour later, Wang-Chung takes a lit cigarette and then puts it on a 6-pack of canned beverages. It falls off and lands on the fuse of a firecracker. Wang-Chung soon notices the lit fuse and the trouble he's in and a moment later... all hell breaks loose inside the small trailer. The initial explosion of the firework set off a huge, fiery, loud chain-reaction... with Wang-Chung crammed inside. Fireworks, firecrackers, bottle rockets, sparklers, popper-snappers and more all shoot everywhere in all directions, causing a catastrophic, forceful blast wave of blazing fire that no human could survive, sending him straight to Hell he deserves. When the explosions end, the FBI agent opens the door to find Wang-Chung's blackened corpse.

"Wang hides in his trailer to elude the agent. But an hour later, he has a hard time... avoiding his fate."


  • Casey Noel - Explosives Technician


  • A similar incident happened on Tru-TV, where a bunch of partiers accidentally ignited a pile of fireworks in a boat, but those where legal fireworks.
  • The victim might be named after the new wave band Wang Chung.

Segment Nicknames

  • Wang Bang (Spike TV website)
  • Explode-Dead
  • Fire Fucked
  • Wang Done

Foreign Names

  • Chinado - Spanish dub
  • Negocios Explosivos (Explosive Trade) - Latin American dub
  • Chinesischer kracher (Chinese cracker) - German dub
  • Fuega ma rasti detonat as teruwan sakala (Fire at Falling Detonated in Course Stop) - Lazoran dub
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