Way to Die #606
"Wet Dream"
Name of the death is a pun on "wet dream"
Wet Dream (606).png
"Right before he died, Dalph finally got his wish. He knew exactly what it felt like to be a fish...Out of water.
Date July 5, 2006
Episode this death
was featured in
"Hard Lives, Easy Deaths"
"Mercury in Uranus"
"Catch and Decease"

"Wet Dream", Way to Die #606, is the fourth death to be featured in "Hard Lives, Easy Deaths", which aired on May 21, 2008.


Dalph Smith was a German Librarian and he wanted to look at fish and swim with them. So Dalph took an old waterbed, cut it up, glued it with Latex, and called it the Merman. Meanwhile, Dalph put his suit on and headed down to the water. But it was slow going and started to overheat. When body temperature rises, sweat begins to form in these glands. As sweat evaporates, heat is dissipated. If the temperature outside was cool, that could've saved him. Unfortunately for Dalph, it was a scorching 97 Degrees. He began feeling the first symptoms of hyperthermia. He got to the lake less than 15 minutes. His temperature red-lined at 109 or 108 degrees. Right before he died, Dalph finally got his wish. He knew exactly what it felt to be a fish out of water, and he died of heatstroke.


  • Bob Girandola - Associate Professor of Kinesiology, U.S.C


  • This segment has a repeated word about a water bed accident for a man who had previously crossdressed during a party the previous night. See "Way to Die #331". The mask used on the suit resembles the Gill-Man from The Creature From The Black Lagoon.
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