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"Window Pained", Way to Die #269, is the sixth death to be featured in "Death Over Easy", which aired on February 8, 2009.


Late at night, Arnold Moss decides to spy on an attractive young woman named Su Su; peeping through her kitchen window as she begins to do erotic dances in front of the refrigerator. In reality; Arnold couldn't talk to any woman to save his life. Arnold became so aroused that he snuck by the front porch and peeped through an open window supported by a stick keeping it in place. Arnold then leaned in too far, making Su Su notice him, as she screams. Then before Arnold could make a break for it, his elbow accidentally knocked the stick out of place, causing the window to fall and smash the back of his spinal cord, snapping off disks C2 and C3 severing normal brain functions like breathing and blood pressure; when the connection was severed...death came instant.

"He leaned in too far, and Su Su went cuckoo. And it all came crashing down...right on Arnold's pencil-thin neck."

Cast and interviewees

  • Mark A. Nochenson - Arnold Moss (lead: intended victim)
  • Christine Nguyen - Su Su (lead)
  • Nick - Admitted Voyeur

Segment Nicknames

  • Wind-Owned


Foreign names

  • Ventana Mortal (Mortal Window) - Latin American dub
  • Pillado (Spanish term for "I Caught!") - Spanish dub
  • Finaler Nackenschlag (Final Blow to the Neck) - German dub
    Window Pained.JPG