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Way to Die #103
"Work of Fart"
Name of the death is a pun on "work of art" and word "fart"
Work of Fart.png
"Oh my God, my fart killed you!"
Date March 5, 2005
Location Boston, Massachusetts
Episode this death
was featured in
"Death Bites!"
"Dead Weight"
"French Fried/Backseat Die-er"

"Work of Fart", Way To Die #103, is the second death to be featured on "Death Bites!", which aired on December 9, 2009.


Arnold was a fat freak in training for his frat-house's fart competition. He hired Max Beers who was known as "The Gas-Master", for the reason that he was the best at sphincter workouts. After a bunch of workouts, Max was ready to give Arnold a "test burn", not knowing how flammable farts were (as they contain methane gas). He lights a lighter in front of Arnold's butt and Arnold lets it out. Arnold's fart was so big that it was enough to light Max on fire and he died.

Arnold: "Oh my God, my fart killed you!"


  • Sergio Alvarado - Fart Competitor
  • Dr. Steven Kim - Biochemist


  • This death features no doggeral quote.
  • Another death involving farts was Who Fart-dead?


Segment Nicknames

  • Farted Out
    Work Of Fart.jpg