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"Wrin-killed", Way to Die #235, is the third death to be featured in "Dead to Rights", which aired on February 17, 2010.


Granny is walking down the street. It's a picture of tranquility until a thief tries to snatch her purse. But don't be fooled by her looks. Granny may be 74, but she had over 30 years of experience with Tae Kwon Do. She managed to hold onto her purse very tightly that the thief lost his grip and stumbled. She hands her purse to a female pedestrian and starts beating him up. The passersby were very amused with her skills that they cheered her on. Finally, Granny delivered a killing blow by punching the thief in the throat, crushing his windpipe in the process and sending him to Hell where he belongs.

"The thief's got no problem hitting a sweet old lady. He lands some vicious blows, but that only lights Granny's fuse. It was time to wrap it up. Granny had a date with a dialysis machine. She delivers the grandmother of all punches...right to his throat."


  • Sandra Lee Gimpel - Granny (lead)
  • Andrew Amani - Purse Snatcher (lead; intended victim)


  • Jeff Mulvin - Physical Trainer
  • Dr. Pavel Bindra - Cardiac Electrophysiologist


  • Franklin Ruehl is among the people who witnessed the thief getting beaten up.
  • This case, the name of the participants are not revealed.
  • The German version of "Dead to Rights" doesn't feature this segment, and it's replaced with Safecracked Pitch.


  • Crew or Equipment Visible: When Granny first gets attacked by a thief, a cameraman can be seen in the reflection of a store window.
  • Wrin-Killed.jpg
    Continuity: When Granny hits the thief, it knocks the beanie off his head. When the camera switches to Granny driving the thief into a car, his beanie is back on his head despite not showing the thief putting it back on.