Way to Die #277
"You're So Vein"
Name of the death is a pun on the Carly Simon song "You're So Vain"
You're So Vein.png
"It's hard to justify one death with another, but a creep like Scott Randall? He deserved to die."
Date July 5, 2007
Location Statesville Prison
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Episode this death
was featured in
"I See Dead People (And They're Cracking Me Up)"
"Gas Holed"

"You're So Vein", Way to Die #277, is the fourth death featured in the Season One finale "I See Dead People (And They're Cracking Me Up)", which aired on April 5, 2009.


It was a special day for the man behind the blinds. His name was Scott Randall and this was the day he was scheduled to die by lethal injection. Randall was bad to the bone. Three people died by his hand, and you don't want to know how. The families of his victims were there to make sure he got what was coming. A too good actor when he wasn't killing anyone, Randall relished his final role.

Lethal injection involves a number of drugs. The first was sodium pentothal, which was supposed to knock the inmate out, and then potassium chloride finishes him off. But there was a hitch. Even with enough drugs in his system to drop out a rhino, Randall's heart didn't skip a beat because the straps restraining his arm is acting as a tourniquet.

The authorities were mystified. Then the order came in for Randall to be released. Scott Randall, a convicted murderer, and phenomenal scumbag had a new lease on life. Randall was unstrapped and he started cursing at his victims' families and attempts to break the glass, scaring them away in the process. But in the middle of his fury, Randall went down and then out. The reason he didn't die before is that the straps were too tight. Once unstrapped, the drugs found the one thing most swore Randall never had: a heart and finished him off and sending him straight to the place where he belongs, and that is Hell, where he won't be killing anymore people.

Cast and Interviewees

  • Aye Jaye - Scott Randall (lead: intended victim)
  • Kevin Hawley - Prison Guard
  • Dr. Kim Henderson - Herself (Toxicologist)
  • Dr. Steven Burstein - Himself (Interventional Cardiologist)


  • When Scott Randall curses his victims' families, he says "son of a bitches!" This is plurally incorrect. He should have said "sons of bitches!"
  • This death is based of the death of Jimmy Lee Gray of 1983.
  • Scott Randol is actually the name of one of the crew members behind each episode of 1,000 Ways to Die.
    • A similar situation plays out in Way to Die #407, where the victim is named after another one of the members of the show.

Foreign Names

  • Por Vanidad (By Vanity) - Spanish dub
  • Totgesagte leben länger-aber nicht ewig (Those who are said Dead live longer-but not forever) - German dub

Segment Nickname

  • Lethal Injecti-cide
  • Injection Ache
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